Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Clearfix - Repairing Polycarbonate sheet scratches

The above video shows how scratches in both uncoated and abrasion resistant Polycarbonate sheet can be easily repaired using a product developed by 3M and Clearfix Aerospace.  The product was initially developed to repair military helicopter windows; however, HighLine Polycarbonate has worked with 3M and Clearfix Aerospace to evaluate and test the product on Polycarbonate sheet used on transparent armor laminates as well as other applications.

The product works equally well on repairing scratches and other damage on both coated and uncoated Polycarbonate sheet.  Not only can the product be used to repair scratches on in service vehicles but it can also be used to repair scratches on production damaged laminates.  Laminates that would otherwise need to be scrapped can now be repaired allowing manufacturers and users to significantly reduce costs.

The product can be purchased from HighLine Polycarbonate LLC as we are now a primary distributor of Clearfix.  Potential users should contact us to schedule a demonstration at their facility.

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